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Samer is about 7 and was brought to a vet to be euthanized. He is suffering from a neurological condition and is known as a "wobbler" lion. He has trouble with balance. His condition has greatly improved through nutritional therapy and a good diet. He is also benefitting from a large enclosure where his muscle tone has greatly improved.








Max & Fiona/ African Caracalrs

These two came from private ownership when the owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They have lived together for a couple of years and are best friends.




Dosier & Massey / Syberian Lynx.

They are 2 years old and came here from another sanctuary that was closing. They are healthy and active. Because the are cold weather cats, their coat is thin in the summer and they also tend to be poor eaters in the hot weather. In the winter is when they bloom.


Tocatta /African Serval

He is 10 years old and was our original rescue. He was living in an apartment in Oklahoma and having seizures and was on extensive medication. Thru proper a proper diet and habitat , the seizures stopped and we weaned him off of medication. He has had two abdominal surgeries because he eats foreign objects. The second surgery he was given a 1 0% chance to live and we pulled him thru. He is a very finicky eater except if he is chewing up a towel or toy and we have to watch his kidney function very closely. He just recently survived a bout with pneumonia and acute kidney failure. Truly he has many lives.





Sunflower/ Bengal Tiger.

She is 3 years old and was brought to the vet to be euthanized. It was reported that she was having seizures and her original origins were obscured but clearly she was being discarded. Her happiness and joy of life is an inspiration to all who meet her. She appears to have had some training so its likely she came from a traveling circus. She is a bit cross eyed, most likely the result of inbreeding. Fortunately thru good diet and a proper habitat she is thriving and has been very healthy.



Gabby / Bengal Tiger

She is 5 years old and was born at a Sanctuary. Somehow she ended up in a traveling circus, living in a 4 by 6 foot rolling cage for a year and a half. Because of this she won't go near any type of restraint or traveling cage. She is still a bit distrustful but getting better all the time. Once in a while someone must remind her of her former tormenters because she can get very frightened and defensive. Most of the time she is sweet and loving.



DestinDestin and Barb / American Grey foxes.
These two girls were dropped off as babies at Fish and Wildlife presumably orphans rescued from the woods and raised by someone. Because they are boned with humans they are not allowed to be released and are used in our educational program.




Gator/ Bengal Tiger
Born November, 2010 at a Tiger breeder. He was used in a traveling circus until he reached the 40 pound limit for "Have your picture taken with a Tiger" At that point he became unwanted surplus and was destined for a hunting farm, sanctuary or death. He was considerably undersize and underweight because the circus/traveling petting zoo wants to keep them under 40 pounds as long as possible. He is getting vitamins and supplements to help him catch up to normal healthy size.



Jay Cougar


Jay & Mocha / Cougars
They were removed from their former home for inadequate care. This was the second time they had been rescued. jay is extremely afraid of men because of prior abuse. Mocha likes to be petted but will also give you a bite if she can sneak one in. They now have a life time home and never have to be rescued again.







GracieSheena / American Bobcat.

She is 7 and was living in a basement in Boston when her owners were told she was to be confiscated by the police and euthanized. To their credit they rushed to find our foundation and save her life. She was originally a house pet but moved to the basement when she started tearing up the furniture.


Gracie / Reticulated Giraffe

Gracie was purchased with private funds from a zoo breeder. She is a star of her large enclosure which she shares with other African antelope. Visits include feeding Gracie which she and everyone loves.




Matt/ South African Cheetah

Matt was born in S.Africa to captive bred parents and is our ambassador for cheetah conservation. He is not hand raised and tame but as with all captive bred cheetah he is not aggressive. Cheetah are basically lazy and only run when chasing prey. Most of the time they usually prefer to nap in the shade. You can hear him purr when you say his name or his little squeaks that cheetah make.







sabel /8 year old Serval
Former house pet who got put in a small cage in the backyard when the couple had a baby. The voluntarily found our foundation to give her a proper home for her remaining years. She is very sweet and she likes Gracieto cuddle when we sit in her enclosure. She also loves to kill snakes in the night who have the misfortune of choosing to cross thru her cage.


Sugar Bear and Major / Red Ruffed Lemurs

These two brothers were donated by a breeder who was going out of business. When they came they were a year old and had never been outside. They were confined to a small cage in a windowless building.



Missy and Simon/ Black and White Ruffed Lemurs

They came from a breeder as surplus animals but in great condition.









Lucy / Red Ruffed Lemur

She was born to a breeder way past the normal time and because of this we were able to get her.
Ring Tailed Lemur Troupe. These three boys and four girls came to us because of a purchase deal that had fallen through and were able to step up and take them.



Foundation animals are totally dependant on donations. There is no State or Federal funding.


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Private and semi private tours are available by advance appointment.
Suggested donation $25 per adult , $7 under 12. Private tour suggested minimum $250.


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