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We are licensed by Alachua County, Florida and The U.S. Fish and Wildlife and The United States Department of Agriculture. We are inspected no less than once a year and have never been cited. We are members of The Zoological Association of America and The Feline Conservation Federation.


We are primarily a conservation and educational facility and we rescue exotic animals in need. We also have a rehabilitation license for native wildlife.


We have very strict protocols for safety, optimal animal care, and our enclosures far exceed the minimum standard.


example of a large enclosure with a Bengal TigerABOUT OUR ENCLOSURES


All our enclosures are on natural grass, with trees and bushes. No animal is housed on concrete. All our enclosures far exceed the minimum standard set by Fish and Wildlife. All animals get a varied diet and vitamins for optimum health with clean fresh water at all times. Every cage is cleaned everyday. Several veterinarians are available to treat the animals as needed.






We provide educational opportunities and activities for a wide variety of people including school groups, college and vet students, 4H groups, and continuing education for veterinarians.


We house and support conservation of endangered species.


There are no paid administration salaries. Christine and Barry donate their time, land and funds to further their mission of advancing conservation through education.


All donations go directly to animal care, education and conservation of wild endangered species.




Species residing at Carson Springs Wildlife Foundation and Conservation



African Lion

(Panthera leo)


(Acinonyx jubatus jubatus)


(Panthera tigris)



(Puma concolor)

Eurasian Lynx

(Lynx lynx)


(Caracal caracal)



(Leptailurus serval)


(Lynx rufus)

Red Ruffed Lemur

(Varecia rubra)


Black and White Ruffed Lemur

(Varecia variegata)

Ring Tailed Lemur

(Lemur catta)


(Giraffe camelopardalis reticulata)


Situtunga or Marshbuck

(Tragelaphus spekii)

East African Oryx

(Oryx gazella beisa)

Sulcata Tortoise

(Geochelone sulcata)


Barred Owl

(Strix varia)

Great Horned Owl

(Bubo virginianus)

Grey Fox

(Urocyon cinereoargenteus)


Scimitar Horned Oryx

(Oryx dammah)


(Dromaius novaehollandiae)




The foundation animals are totally dependant on donations. There is no State or Federal funding.


Sponsor an Animal

100% of donations go directly to animal care such as food and vet.


We are a 501(c) 3 Not for Profit Organization in the State of Florida.


All donations are tax deductible.


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We only offer guided tours by advanced appointment. NO general admission.

Suggested donation $25 per adult , $8 under 12.

Private tours available starting at $250.

Field trips, group tours, events, corporate outings and weddings also available.

Also see our upcoming events.


Closed on Sunday.


To schedule a tour, email contact@cswildlife.org


To learn more, please visit our education section.